Masking tape


High-quality masking tape made of rice paper, specially designed to achieve sharp and precise edges on delicate surfaces in the interior.

High quality

Masking tape for delicate
surfaces in the interior

Leaves no adhesive
residue for up (to 4 months after application)

Suitable for use on delicate
surfaces such as wallpaper, decorative moldings and similar.

To achieve very
sharp and precise edges in the interior

up to 60 °C


Masking of delicate surfaces which are to be painted, varnished or sprayed.

To achieve very sharp and precise edges.

Suitable for indoor use.


9 mm x 50 m
24 mm x 50 m
30 mm x 50 m
48 mm x 50 m

Technical features

Thickness:73 µ
Carrier: special rice WASHI paper
Elongation:5 %
Tensile strength:80 N / 25 mm
Adhesion to steel:2,55 N / 25 mm
Heat resistance:up to 60 °C
Storage:cold and dry (15-30 °C)

The ideal tape for a professional painter.

This masking tape is perfect for indoor use. Thanks to its lower adhesion, the Sensitive masking tape is very well suited for use on delicate surfaces. The masking tape can be removed indoors for up to 4 months after application without leaving any adhesive residue.